Jeremy Botz Ruined Everything
Hollywood Dementia

Germaphobe’s Guide to Sex Work
included in
Tricks, Johns, Marks, and Chickenhawks from Soft Skull Press

Antique Children

The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman Book Review
The Rumpus

Fuck Doll
Pulp Metal Magazine

Fantasy Rape
at 3:AM

Combo with Shelia McClear
The Rumpus

No Touching of Girls
The Rumpus

Greta Candy
Brown Bunny Magazine

It Builds
Brown Bunny Magazine

The Girl Who Used To.
at Everyday Genius

A Real Hero
At Thieves Jargon

Hitting The Gray Spot
At Thieves Jargon

Excerpts from Inside The Jolly Rancher
The Native Savage

Cupcakes to go,
Honeymoon Phase, The End

Oakland Review

Red Fez

Insomnia Parade
Red Fez

Jersey Devil Press

One Night Stand Lapdance
Zygote In My Coffee

Bleach the Whites
at scarecrow pages

Plugged Poems
Chapbook Fall/Winter 2010
Order Through Full of Crow

Laundry Time
Fall 2010
At Full of Crow

Four Hours with “Roy Orbison”
at Yellow Mama

at Yellow Mama

School Room Session
at Yellow Mama

The Moment I Decide To Hear Myself Type
at Gloom Cupboard

in “Ultimate Burlesque”

Laundry Time
at The Wonder Boy Review

Serial Poet / Plugged Poems #4-#7 
at Cherry Bleeds

Interview with Auguste Garufi
at Cherry Bleeds

Chuck Klosterman Interview
at Cherry Bleeds

David Henry Sterry Interview
at Cherry Bleeds

The Book Fair Con
at Cherry Bleeds

Winner of the Famas Poetry Contest

Cantankerous Skittles & the Ghetto Motherfucker
Finalist for Cronopios Fiction Contest

La Flaneuse Does the Right Thing
included in ECTOPLASMIC NECROPOLIS from Blood Pudding Press

Drudgery Among the Stars,
and Focus
at Lit Chaos

at Lit Chaos

Appearing in Lit Chaos Print Issue #2

La Flaneuse Collection 1
La Flaneuse Collection 2
at Hotel St. George (an Akashic Books Imprint)