Short Stories

The Girl That Used To.

Originally appearing in Everyday Genius

She used to…about so many things.  She walks hastily to work.  Always, usually arriving on time.  Early even.  Her mother called on the phone this morning.  And she yelled at the phone.  “Fuck you!”  With feeling.  It was real.  It had feeling.  Dastardly feeling, aware of it’s own ridiculousness. Thus tragic.  The voice is tragic, because it has lost it’s potential to utter “Hello, how are you?”  She walks to work … read more


Originally appearing in Antique Children

His eyes kept rolling up, but he wasn’t rolling his eyes. Some invisible Corona puppet master was simply keeping them from popping out. They were the darkest brown I had ever seen. I wanted to sleep inside of them . “You are a real girl,” he told me, “I like that.” “I know,” I agreed. I was a real girl … read more